A Narnia Ship

The Chronicles of Narnia book series written by CS Louis, has taken myself and the children into a world of fantasy and adventure.  I have enjoyed reading them as much as they have, it’s been hard to put the books down.

Chronicals of Narnia

The books sparked much creativity and the building of this wonderful ship.  We have no craft materials with us in France just yet so the children are finding whatever they can to be creative with.  We’ve received some packages in cardboard boxes which have been used for their making of their Narnia ship and a castle. The figures were made from Stockmar beeswax.

Lights for the bowsprit

The ship journeys across many oceans and needs light on the bowsprit.

Adding the ropes

The mast made from a stick they found along with matchstick railings, ropes and windows embellished the ship.  Ladders were constructed to climb from the lower deck to the upper deck with sticks and cardboard.

Lifting of the sail for still waters

Ship AHOY!  Adding the sail from some material, completed the project, ready for its journey to the faraway islands.

Sailing the boat in the ocean

A blue sheet became the deep dark blue ocean for the ship to sail in search of land.

Bows and swords


They carved many bows and arrows from bendable sticks they found in the nearby woods.  The boys cleaned them up and sharpened their arrows with their knives.  They are good strong weapons.

Narnian with his torch

A Narnian character from the book, there were many more but went to battle.

Sania with testing the string of his bow.

We have some keen young Archers.

Sasha practicing with a friend’s bow and arrow




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About earthboys

Nature is our way of living. It is a gift to cherish and share with our loved ones. Nature is also our gift to our children. It has allowed them to unfold in a graceful childlike way. Growing up in Southern Africa amidst the wildlife, I, myself feel the significance of what nature offers, a call for environmental enlightenment and a unearthing of the relationships between plants, insects and wildlife. We have provided our children with a safe paradise where they can enjoy and be one with nature, playing with worms, watching an ant trail, flitting along after a butterfly, gathering, smelling and admiring a beautiful flower, building sand structures of mountains and lakes. They are always happy when they are outdoors. Their relationship with our animals is one full of love and caring. Our children have brought us great joy and happiness. This blog is dedicated to them, and an inspiration to others.
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11 Responses to A Narnia Ship

  1. K says:

    Brilliant, as always. The boys are so able to reach into their imaginations and shape air, water, sand, rocks, leaves – whatever is at hand, to give their dreams substance. I envy them.

  2. Joanna says:

    so happy to read you again jeanene!
    it’s amazing what kids can do when they get creative!
    have you guys found your dream land in provence?
    how are things going with the 2 babies? and the mom ?
    take care,

  3. erin says:

    brilliant light shines from within those souls, such creative spirits they are. that ship looks fantastic and when something similar is fashioned here, it accompanies the tall boy and the small boy all around on new adventures until the next inspiration strikes in a flurry of gathering, glueing, hammering, carving, cutting, tying …

    happy blessed days to you, mama xoxo

  4. Starr says:

    Narnia books are the best my daughter was inspired by the archery greatly and so we made her a bow and arrow too. You look like a beautiful family, thanks for dropping in at faerymother!

  5. Monique says:

    Love your boat Jeanene ! It’s very beautiful !
    I think i will plan to read The chronicles of Narnia with my daughters ; i’m sure they will adore it ; thanks for the idea :-)

  6. jessica says:

    That is a very impressive Dawn Treader! We love Narnia too, and most fantasy books, they really spark the imagination:)

  7. Saskia says:

    Oh me oh my, your pictures and stories are still amazing! I love everything you do in your little corner of the world!
    Have a grand new week ahead x
    Join my Joy

  8. Catherine Forest says:

    Wow! This is amazing! I have to find those books in French for the girls!

  9. Rachel says:

    I’ve been away from blogland for far too long. So fun to see what your boys are up to. We LOVE the Narnia books. We also have a collection of CD’s that are radio narrated Narnia. When we go on long trips we put those in. They are quite well done.

    I’ve been thinking about you lately. Wondering how you are managing with your sweet babies. So good to ‘hear’ from you. :)

  10. ws wanderings says:

    My youngest son would absolutely swoon over that most spectacular ship. He is ship crazy. And ALL of my kids would get along fabulously with yours. Eldest is interested in archery too, and home-crafted bows are right up her alley! They are Narnia fans too.

    I’ve missed visiting you here, but my! you must be one busy woman with all of your wonderful blessings :-)

  11. Greetings from Canada! I was so happy to discover you had made a few posts in the last while as after your big announcement, I was taking a few peeks here and there to no avail. What happiness and joy is bubbling up for your little tribe! Your babies are absolutely beautiful, and your big boys are so shining alongside them. A blessed mama indeed. Now, I get to live vicariously through you as you live out a dream in Provence. The best of luck to you, Jeanene! I am happy you have paused to let us savour some of that beauty!
    xo Jules

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