Apple Harvest


Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard

Looking out our living room window and across the pond, we have a beautiful view of the apples orchard.  Cheeky squirrels scurry up the branches to steal the fruit and hoard it in their holes for their winter meal.

A basket full of apples

A basket full of apples

The children all gathered their baskets and set out to harvest some apples.  The farm had been neglected for many years.  Now that we have bought it a bit of love, good care and compost should bring the sweet juiciness back into these little fuji apples.

Many of our apples have been eaten by birds and squirrels but at least they left us some.

I picked it

I picked it

Sprightly the children nimbly climbed into the trees to pluck each apple from a branch.  The ladder was used for those high up on skinny branches.

Belle flying high

Belle flying high

As high as the palms.

Little Chloe munching away

Little Chloe munching away

Sweet Chloe likes the little apples that fit so perfectly in her delicate hands.

Rosie fuji

Rosie fuji

A touch of sweetness.

Sani and Misae with their basket full

Sania and Misae with their basket full

The children happy with their basketful of apples.

Autumn Table

Autumn Table

The children at Spirit Mountain School had as much fun as the squirrels during the harvest season.  We all enjoyed apple desserts and juices. They spent an afternoon peeling, slicing and coring the remaining apples and hung them to dry which made delicious treats!

They have been busy crafting little autumn fairies for their Autumn table.  They visited and explored our neighbors ranch to gather pinecones as they have many pine trees lining the pathways to make these sweet little fairies.   Magic Onions has a wonderful autumn fairy tutorial to follow should you wish to make some.

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About earthboys

Nature is our way of living. It is a gift to cherish and share with our loved ones. Nature is also our gift to our children. It has allowed them to unfold in a graceful childlike way. Growing up in Southern Africa amidst the wildlife, I, myself feel the significance of what nature offers, a call for environmental enlightenment and a unearthing of the relationships between plants, insects and wildlife. We have provided our children with a safe paradise where they can enjoy and be one with nature, playing with worms, watching an ant trail, flitting along after a butterfly, gathering, smelling and admiring a beautiful flower, building sand structures of mountains and lakes. They are always happy when they are outdoors. Their relationship with our animals is one full of love and caring. Our children have brought us great joy and happiness. This blog is dedicated to them, and an inspiration to others.
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6 Responses to Apple Harvest

  1. ws wanderings says:

    Ahh, beautiful autumn goodness. That is a lovely orchard you have! I’m sure the children have great adventures among the apple trees. Despite many attempts, our apple trees run into the worst luck and don’t end up making it, except for one lonely little tree. We were hoping to plant more again this autumn, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    I am delighted that you are back in Blogland. It’s always an inspiration to see what you and your beautiful family are up to.


  2. Rachel says:

    I have fond memories of our apple trees growing up. I would spend many an afternoon perched up in their branches munching away on apples as I sat and read.

    Now, as an adult and several apple trees in my yard, the magic has drifted away, replaced by many hours of harvesting. You make it look so romantic. I think I’ve somehow lost the romance of it all spending hours and days cutting up and peeling and mashing apples. :)

    Then again, when it is all over I do like to stand back and look at all of the jars and work I’ve accomplished so maybe there is some magic and romance left. A tiny bit.

    My favorite photo is Chloe eating her apple. Sooo darling!

  3. So much beauty! Apple season is long gone here!! Enjoy!

  4. Rachel says:

    Argh! I just realized I’ve missed several posts somehow. :( Your home in CA looks wonderful and the twins, oh the twins! They are growing so big way too fast!!!

    5000 avocados. Really??? How in the world do you harvest and preserve that many?? That is a ton of guacamole! :D

  5. Dear friend, It was so nice to find a note from you this morning! Oh my yes, we have so much to catch up on!
    Apples! And your little Waldorf school. Oh sigh!
    Missing you so.
    And that photo of little Chloe and her apple!
    I cannot wait for our little ones, and big ones, to all be together again.
    Love to all,
    Renee and family

    p.s. Did you see any of the horse riding pictures?
    p.p.s. I think your farm is so so close to my mother’s house!

  6. kelly says:

    Hello my friend! It has been so very long. What a joy to check your blog and see so many new posts. How big the children have grown and your new home looks so beautiful. What a blessed mother you are. Love to you,

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